In order to provide and maintain a safe, healthy place to live and have healthy boundaries within the Renovatus community, the following House Rules will include but are not limited too.

House Rules:  By agreeing to participate in the Renovatus Ministry Program, each participant agrees that he/she:

1.    Will keep Renovatus properties clean and well kept. Frequent housing inspections will be made at Renovatus’ discretion.

2.    Will not consume or possess alcoholic beverages and/or drugs and will consent to periodic drug testing and/or breathalyzer testing upon request.

3.    Will not use any type of tobacco product on or off property.

4.    Will not engage in any type of pornography or R rated material (movies, printed material etc.)

5.    Will not possess weapons and/or firearms at any time.

6.    Will not engage in any physical altercation or fighting.

7.    Will not play loud music, practice loud talking, use foul language, or generally allow any loud noises that disturb neighbors or other residents.

8.    Will not have visitors on the property, with the exception of Renovatus affiliates.

9.    Will not bring pets or animals on the property at any time for any reason.  There are no exceptions.

10. Will abide by the following curfews:   10:00 pm on weekdays, and 11:00 pm on weekends.

11. Will not possess a phone until time is approved by Renovatus director.

12. Will be responsible to make sure children in the family also comply with house rules.

13. Will not have contact with anyone except Renovatus affiliates until approval from Renovatus director.


Violation of House Rules or Policies of Renovatus will result in the following disciplinary action up to and including immediate expulsion from the program:

1.    Three verbal and/or written warnings will result in immediate dismissal from the program.

2.    Serious (major) violations such as fighting, drug and/or alcohol use, etc., may result in immediate expulsion.

3.    If expelled from the Program, all participants will be required to take all personal items with them.   All items that were at Renovatus upon participants’ arrival shall stay at Renovatus.


The undersigned participants acknowledge that he/she has read these policies and procedures and has been given a copy for his/her use.  The undersigned also acknowledges that, as a participant in the Renovatus Program, he/she will be living as a guest of Renovatus and not as a tenant or subtenant, and is subject to all rules and requirements of Renovatus and will strictly follow such rules, regulations, and procedures.  Failure to follow such rules, regulations and procedures could result in expulsion from the program and from the apartment.    

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