Renovatus Farm

Renovatus uses the farm to develop work skills and training to those we are ministering to. By growing food- participating in the planting, maintenance, harvest, and selling of the farm’s bounty, Renovatus is teaching basic and essential skills that will stay with an individual throughout life.

When you purchase food from Renovatus, we want you to understand the process behind the produce. You are not just buying food, you are supporting the development and healing of individuals in the ministry. As Pete constantly reminds everyone- ‘we’re not just growing food, we’re growing souls’. We invite you to come out to the farm- buy some food, work in the fields, meet the guys. We want you as a member of the Renovatus ministry, to be a part of our community.

If you are interested in supporting this ministry one way to engage is by purchasing food from the farm. Learn how you can do that here!

We would also love for you and your family to come visit! Our farm is a part of your community, so give us a call and set up a time to come see the farm and the ministry at Renovatus. Check out the map below for directions!