First Year Of Recovery

Participants in the program of Renovatus will be willing to grow in a Christ-centered life by fully participating in the four areas of growth and support:  Christian Discipleship, Home, Life Skills, and Community.

The program starts with a safe, drug and/or alcohol free place to live.  Housing is located at Renovatus. Participants in the program will be guests of Renovatus, not tenants.  This is not a sublease to individuals or families.  Generally, the time allowed for residing at Renovatus is twelve months.

Residing guests will be expected to participate in the job training program on the Renovatus farm and/or find employment in the community when ready.

Renovatus will have Planning 101 sessions weekly with participants to help develop goals and discuss progression toward these goals.  A balance between work, learning, and recreation/leisure time will be addressed.

Participants are required to attend a weekly worship service (Grace Community Church). Morning devotions, as well as participation in Celebrate Recovery and other Biblically based studies are also part of the Discipleship process.

Renovatus will assist in creating a personalized budget with which participants will be required to comply.  Participants are also required to open a checking and savings account at a bank with online banking available, and provide proof of all income while at Renovatus.  Bank accounts and budgets of participants will also be reviewed weekly with Renovatus.

Participants are required to attend life skills training, biblically based counseling sessions and team mentor meetings.

The only acceptable reason for not attending these requirements is sickness and must be communicated to Pete or Beth Higgs prior to the service, class, or meeting.

Second Year of Recovery

After successfully completing a year of residency at Renovatus, participants will reside in their own home and will be responsible for 100% of their expenses.  Participants will sign their own lease.  Renovatus will continue to offer Discipleship, Life Skills support, and will continue to be in Community with participants.

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